PIE Technology Platform

Distributor Advantages

What is the advantage of the PIE Technology Platform for distributors?

  • Provides an automated tool for distributors to access and map the manufacturer rich content product data to their company-specific PIM using the PIE Template format.
  • Performs automated data transformation and creation of PIE compliant, distributor-rich content in a single, secure platform accessible by authenticated distributor partners.
  • Allows the distributor 24/7/365 access to PIE-compliant content for all manufacturer partners in a single session.
  • Provides distributors the ability to export all content or just what has changed through a portal or connect to Blue Meteor API’s for update into their company’s application. (Export file types include Vertical CSV, Horizontal CSV, Horizontal Excel).
  • Provide manufacturers and distributors access to reports showing various download status information and dashboards for attribute fill rates and mapping progress.